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Start early!  Get a head start, maybe you'll stay ahead of everybody else.

Just keep the rubber side down and the wind at your back.

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486.6 after Fourth Step Ride (postponed). extrapolation for 2023 up to 1410.6.

592.7 after Dark Lord Day (and Fifth Step) Ride. extrapolation for 2023 up to 1546.3.

1729.6 miles cycled in 2023 after 432.4 miles (all outdoor) in May.
149 days bicycled out of 151 in 2023.

After trailing Curt(is)2022 for two+ months, in May I reeled him in by rolling 927 road miles and my first Perimeter Ride since May 2022 for a total of 2,154 miles on the year.  After starting the month almost three centuries behind, I am now 71 miles ahead of Curt(is)2022.


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