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And where have you gone? 

(At least I got in ahead of bobweiser)

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congrats! maybe is your disc telling you something? :-)

625.0 miles cycled in 2022 after 308.0 miles (282.4 outdoor / 25.6 indoor) in March.
46 consecutive days cycled since 02/14/2022!

Less than Marched out of this past month, with 475 road miles to push me to a modest 938.6 miles Y-T-D, with yet no Perimeter Ride performed this year. Surprisingly, this current total edges Curt(is)2021 by 4.9 miles year to date.

837.6 miles ytd

517.9 after Fourth Step Ride yesterday. when it got up to 85° and 29 mph!

1378.5 outdoor miles ytd

897.4 miles cycled in 2022 after 272.4 miles (239.6 outdoor / 32.8 indoor) in April.
76 consecutive days cycled since 02/14/2022!

Showered, now flowering -- 578.4 miles in April PLUS first Perimeter Ride (on 4/23) since September 14th, 2021. Year-to-date 1,517 miles. However, now trailing Curt(is)2021 by 272 miles.

good work, keep flowering!

3411 outdoor miles

1429.2 miles (1410.1 at the end of the month).

Interesting places? Got to do a lap of the LaGuardia Airport-NY Penn station run on the way to visiting my folks in New Jersey. (One of these times I'm gonna bring my own bike so I don't have to walk the mile or so to the Citibike station, and so I can bike/ferry/bike the whole way down the Shore.)

life is better with our own bike :-)



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