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And where have you gone? 

(At least I got in ahead of bobweiser)

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4089.8 miles cycled in 2022 after 235.0 miles (190.4 outdoor / 44.6 indoor) in December. 

consecutive days cycled since 12/26/2022. 
[1806 days out of 1826 since 01-01-2018. {20 total days “off” in 5 years!}]

Happy New Year’s Eve!

you took xmas off? well, you deserved it. :-)

4258.4 for the year. Most mileage yet! And the best job I’ve done keeping track of mileage through the year. 

(sound of clapping)

Wishing to toast to Old Times Since -- a most modest finish, a mere 171.4 miles for the final month of the year, brings me to a year-end total of 6,153 miles (all road) for 2022, with only 4 Perimeter Rides on the year, with 3 accomplished in the second week of May.  Not my best year, nor my second-best, but I did exceed Curt(is)2021 by 533 miles.

What's really missing in the mix for me are those hamster miles that I used to rack up at the gym before the pandemic. Old times, indeed.

That's a solid year! 

Solid, yes, but I have and can do better. However, I am at peace with it.

1620.7 on my bike. still trying to get numbers from divvy. 1st time < 2000 since i started keeping track in 2014. well, there's always this year!


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