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And where have you gone? 

(At least I got in ahead of bobweiser)

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3854.8 miles cycled in 2022 after 317.8 miles (299.2 outdoor / 18.6 indoor) in November.
290 consecutive days cycled since 02/14/2022!

3971 at the end of the month. Broke 4K today (woohoo!)

Falling off in November with 496.6 miles for a total of 5,981.6 miles y-t-d at the end of 11 months. 

Expanding on my lead over Curt(is)2021 now by 698.8 miles. Sounds "impressive" but I am not. 

1598.1 after Twelfth Step Ride. extrapolation for 2022 down slightly, to 1725.8.

A PR year...  :)

6,680 miles cycled in 2022 (65 “indoor mi.” on trainer)
15.9 vertical miles total of elevation gain
454 hours in the saddle
57% on road bike, 43% on mountain bike
240 total rides, 20% were for transportation/ errands/ groceries

A PR year? Would that be a Personal Best?

(sound of applause)

Yep, Personal Record/Best! Good job on your year too!

More applause!

7055.48 outdoor miles in 2022. 

Patricia, I doff my helmet to you.

Mine too!



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