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And where have you gone? 

(At least I got in ahead of bobweiser)

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go go go!

3062.7 at the end of September plus or minus a few tenths. Back to the daily commute, with variations...

At the three quarters mark (10/1) with another "modest" but consistent month of spinning (694 miles) for 4,865 miles year-to-date. NO Perimeter Rides since late May, my longest stretch without circling the city since I started this project in earnest in 2015. Still ahead of Curt(is)2021, now by 515 miles. However, I am NOT impressed.

computer died again, ugh. estimate of what was on there + mileage since = 1349 after Tenth Step Ride. saw curt(is) at 18th street! extrapolation for 2022 up to 1669.1.

6331 outdoor miles ytd. 

3537.0 miles cycled in 2022 after 400.0 miles (396.4 outdoor / 3.6 indoor) in October.
260 consecutive days cycled since 02/14/2022!

Yet another modest month of miles, 620, and no Perimeter Rides, to place me at 5,485 miles year-to-date. Now ahead of Curt(is)2021 by 577 miles. Pffft.

3543.1 at end of October. On track (it seems) for about 4300-4500 miles for the year depending on how much riding I do over Christmas break.

It looks like @Brett Miller and I are neck and neck :)

keep on truckin'!

some excitement! bats ahead of brett by 6.1 with 2 months to go!

computer died again, ugh, got a new one. estimate after Eleventh Step Ride = 1467.19. extrapolation for 2022 up to 1727.5.

6791 outdoor miles ytd 



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