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And where have you gone? 

(At least I got in ahead of bobweiser)

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I finally lost my COVID virginity in July (while fully vaxed and boosted twice even, that BA.5 is an evasive bitch), so plans to loop the U.P. were shelved. I still managed to roll in 618 miles, bringing me to 3,481 miles y-t-d. Still ahead of Curt(is)2021 by 200 miles, but I'd rather be circumnavigating the Upper Peninsula! A Circle Tour around Lake Mich is still on my bucket list and the window is still open for this season.

2691.0 miles cycled in 2022 after 534.4 miles (all outdoor) in August.
199 consecutive days cycled since 02/14/2022!

4811 outdoor miles as of 8/31

With the fall of August, a workman-like performance of 691 miles were rolled off (with 316 accomplished in the last week), bringing the totals to 4,171 miles y-t-d. NO Perimeter Rides since May, the longest stretch since the project started in earnest in 2015. However, now ahead of Curt(is)2021 by 473.8 miles.

Well, the question of whether not-commuting would leave time for more mileage has been answered in the negative. 2566 at the end of August. 

Now back to the regularly scheduled 100 miles/week of commuting. 

Summer did include some rides back in my childhood stomping grounds at the Jersey Shore, as well as a few spins in the mountains of Colorado (Trail Ridge Road!). 



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