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Not far, just around the block.  Slippery where it wasn't shoveled well.

I just wanted to be first to start this discussion.

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Thanks. For others interested in the idea, start here:

and page forward. I'm not sure how many LPs Curt(is) used to map his ride, but carrying all of them had to weigh him down a bit. ;-)

And on top of that, the vinyl tended to get warped after a few hours in the summer sun!

Skip, I found this on the web:

Maybe these folks have a file for you.  If you get one, I would love to see it as well

Thanks, Sean. Actually, I am a dope-o-rama. Not sure why I didn't think to check Ride With GPS.  Here are two routes from that site:

Chicago Perimeter Ride (87 miles)

Chicago Perimeter Ride (112 miles)

I'm sure there must be plenty more, but these were the first two which popped up and their distances seemed to match the mileages mentioned on that 2018 thread.

474.49 miles in June, bringing my YTD total to 2,258.99 miles.

not commuting to the office every day is killing my mileage - i'm down 650 miles from this point last year.

As is the custom, I generally only update my mileage at the end of each month. However, after trailing by 719 miles on May 1st, I have now caught and passed Curt(is)2019 year-to-date by opening July with 3 consecutive days of Perimeter Rides while acquiring some truly funky tan lines on my hands and forehead!  


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