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Not far, just around the block.  Slippery where it wasn't shoveled well.

I just wanted to be first to start this discussion.

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My wife, sons, and I drove down to Hammond to 18th Street for beer and lunch on my birthday two weeks ago -- their patio is open! 

true, FFF is being more conservative

Does 3F even have outdoor seating??

I cycled 1,011 outdoor miles in June bring my 2020 total to 3,966 outdoor miles (excluding 909 Zwift miles).  I need an incremental 3,534 outdoor miles to hit my 7,500 mile goal.  So I am 53% of the way there!

I can only dream of riding that far.

732.78 for June

2348.40 for the year

A mite behind what I'd like but it's been a busy year.

3197 ytd outdoor

4749.6 miles cycled in 2020 after 801.2 miles - all outdoor - for June. Pleased with the mileage, but definitely trending down (1000, 900, 800...) from the pandemic pedaling panacea that was April for me. 

262 consecutive days cycled in 2019-2020, keeping’ streak #2 alive!

At the half, with 1,206 road miles and 12 Perimeters in June, I stand at 4,111 miles y-t-d (3,071 road + 1040 hamster) and 25 PRs. Seriously cutting into Curt(is)2019's lead, I now trail last year by only 196 miles and 4 Perimeter Rides.

Got a route for a perimeter ride?

Yes, but I don't do Strava or MapMyRide.

Is it mostly on streets or on bike paths? Got a few wants or a Google Maps route? Just enough bits for me to puce something together would be great. Thx...



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