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Not far, just around the block.  Slippery where it wasn't shoveled well.

I just wanted to be first to start this discussion.

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538.9 after riding to imperial oak last sat. came back on archer, resurfaced since my last visit, and with a tailwind to boot. extrapolation for 2020 up to 1573.6.

Commuting again. After 10 years!

Commuting again after 10 years -- the bike or you??

the bike, i'm RFH

So, I've never posted here.  I race from time to time (though that's sort of a bust lately) and the training intervals are the stuff of exhaustion/recovery/exhaustion thus are a bit different than the "I just rode a Century rally" or, I commute 31 miles a day round trip rain or shine.   What's the etiquette here?  I'm impressed with the figures others are putting up, all while some weeks I do less than 40 but their sprints, and other weeks I do 400 for a different type of training.  AND, a fair amount of it is on the hamster wheel as well, lo this the dark winter of Covid. 

welcome! no particular etiquette, i don't think. maybe most common is to post your mileage after each month. or just after the year. the purists want to know how many miles are outside and how many are inside. some people compare this year to last year. those are my impressions, anyway. anybody else?

522.48 for May

1605.63 the year

Many fewer miles than was looking forward to for May. Need to pick up my pace in June.

302.90 may, 1,784.50 ytd miles.

not happy.

2151 as of 5/31. All outdoor. 

3948.4 miles cycled in 2020 after 904.0 miles (all outdoor) for May.

232 consecutive days cycled in 2019-2020.
Stay safe out there everyone

955 outdoor miles in May for a total of 2,955 outdoor miles in 2020...excluding 909 Zwift miles.

This thread seems so wildly irrelevant right now, with a pandemic accompanied by economic cratering and social chaos rocking the U.S.A.  And still we want to carry on like nothing is out of the ordinary. And still I ride. Is this some expression of freedom, sanity management, or just privilege?

May(ed) it out with 1,121 miles and 11 Perimeter Rides on the month, bringing me to 2,905 miles y-t-d (1,865 road +1,044 hamster) and 13 PRs on the season. Cut into Curt(is)2109's lead, now trailing by 548 miles.    


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