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14.39 after the Unofficial CCC New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. extrapolation for 2019: 5252.4.  :-)

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With September sung, I rolled 864 road miles (including 5 Perimeter Rides and a 3-day ride to Cleveland) + 40 hamster miles for a total of 6,939 miles y-t-d. Ahead of Curt(is)2018 by 361.5 miles and 6 PRs.

ahead! but only to cleveland, not back, too?

4003.3 miles cycled in 2019 after 335.7 miles (267.7 outdoor/68.0 indoor) for October.

 consecutive days cycled in 2019.

Back on the horse after a broken ankle/Grade 3 sprain ended my streak at 635 days last month. I am fortunate that it was only a chip fracture, which meant relatively minimal recovery. All in all, I was out for 15 days before I could safely and reasonably get back on two wheels. It has been encouraging to get back out there and enjoy the autumn riding in Chicago, the last two days of winter weather notwithstanding. 

19? i had to double check that it was you posting.

what happened? how are you otherwise? my "broken" ankle (which turned out only to be sprained) was from being hit by a cab.

it's great you got back on the horse and are enjoying riding again. i was afraid i was going to have PTSD.

Was your "broken" ankle, a chip fracture too? Mine was and I feel very fortunate that it was not worse. Still recovering from the sprain, but otherwise all is well. As for the cause of my injury, I was spectating at a cross country meet at Montrose Harbor, which means running from point to point to watch runners. I took a wrong step on a relatively hidden rotted tree stump that sent my right foot sideways. Just my dumb luck.

Keep riding y'all; the doctor said my fitness made the recovery much quicker than it otherwise would have been!

the doctors in the ER said it was broken, splinted it, and sent me home on crutches. the next week, i followed up with an orthopedic surgeon, and he undid the splint, poked at my ankle, looked at my x-rays, and said i was good to go! it actually was never broken, just (badly) sprained. i was delighted to be rid of the splint and off crutches.

but then i was downtown with one shoe. nobodys tell you to bring your other shoe just in case your ankle really isn't broken. lol

October mileage of 638.35 brings me to a 2019 YTD total of 6,228.22.

736.86 for October

6085.63 for the year.

Winter's arriving and my mileage is starting to dwindle. I sure ain't ready to start putting time in on the trainer.

Rocktobered with 632 road miles (including 7 Perimeter Rides) + 250 hamster miles for a total of 7,817 miles miles y-t-d. Ahead of Curt(is)2018 by 542.1 miles and 9 PRs.

This week is on track to be the first since March that hamster miles will exceed road.

so you've already done a PR for every week of the year? huge achievement, congrats!

I’m at 6,931 outdoor miles. I’m not sure about indoor but it hasn’t changed significantly from last month. Currently cycling to champaign, IL so I don’t have access to all my stats. 


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