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18.6 after the Unofficial New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. 39 °F and i needed my sunglasses!

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and unless, by some miracle, it warms up this year that's my total. Those are out on the road, time on the trainer I just keep track of the minutes, and don't worry miles.

I was looking to do more, but spent most of May, June and July updating the kitchen, which left not much time for the bike.

4381 mi. or 12% more than last year. :)

Finished the year at 5765. My informal goal each year is 5200, so this was a good one.

Happy New Year!

5,285.88 miles for 2017 - 285 more than 2016, although it didn't feel like it!

Going to aim for 5,800 miles in 2018, hoping the coming year is as effortless as 2017 was!

The totals for 2017

11,187.1 miles (72 miles shy of 2016's performance)

8,748.3 road miles

2,438.8 stationary miles

83 Perimeter Rides (9 more than in 2016)

My three-year (2015-16-17) total mileage hit 30,108.6 miles. Time to start dreaming more about that transcontinental ride.

2507.7 (100% outside) for me, down from 2868.3 last year, oh well.

based on what's been posted so far, at the front of the pack in 2017:

14,100 MagMileMarauder December 2
11,187 78% outside curt(is) locke January 1
6272 Chris C December 25
5821 95% outside Sean December 20
5765 JeffB January 1
5480 Patricia Unsinn December 25
5286 Sean Newby January 1

I vote for CurtisLocke to be 2nd with his 8748.3 road mileage to reflect time riding in the elements. Sean too should just get his 90% road miles.

Same should go for anyone else who has posted stationary miles.

Maybe another list of stationary miles or combined miles, but let those who posted all road miles see how they stand up against like miles.

I don't understand your point, Tony. I clearly delineated my mileage, which makes it easy for anyone to compare their road miles. You make it sound like I am padding my numbers.

For what it's worth, not every stationary ride was dictated by foul weather. There were many days where I chose to ride stationary for reasons of efficiency -- getting an intense work out in 60 minutes (all spin, no coasting.) For a Perimeter Ride, I need a 6 to 7 hour block of free time. So I mix it up.

I understand that you show your stationary miles, but some may not, and that's the reason of my post. If someone shows both in one block and someone who rides only outside compares his\herself to that, well it's apples and oranges.

My post is more aimed at those who don't delineate, you were an example because you are up front about it, easy to point at.

Shux, not only are your road miles impressive, but you've ridden more miles on the trainer than many of us have on the road. And, in my opinion, those stationary miles are way harder than road miles. I'm actually pretty impressed.

just heard from divvy, 84 trips for 83 miles (100% outside) brings me up to 2590.7 total last year.

6527 miles - my initial goal was 5000.


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