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18.3 after the Weather Be Damned Ride. 26F + 17 mph = 13 windchill, brr!

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For those motivated by tracking their own miles or engaging in friendly competition with others, Ride Illinois has a mileage log at  With the new year will come a clean slate.

"EBar", #35, 3274 miles so far in 2016

I've made to 3,700 miles for the year! Very happy about this accomplishment. Of all my work commutes, I biked for 88% of them. 

My goal for next year is 4K. Gotta get out for more than my commute to make this happen.

2861.1 after the Twelfth Step Ride. doesn't look like i'll make it to 3k, oh well, there's always next year.

4832 miles as of yesterday

>/= 4305.

Less than I did in any of the previous 10 years.

Here's to 2017 being a better year for riding

4,906.11 - shooting for 5,500 in 2017!

2868.3 for me. based on what's been posted so far, at the front of the pack in 2016:

11,001 curt(is) locke November 30
4906 Sean Newby January 1
4832 Patricia Unsinn December 30
4678 Doctor Sprocket December 1
4305 Kevin C Dormant December 31

well done, everyone! and here's to an even better 2017!

After averaging 1,000 miles per month through November, a combination of polar vortex and holiday travels interfered with my finishing with 12,000 on the year. However, no regrets or major disappointments here as my original targets were achieved in mid July (26 Perimeters) and on the first of November (10,000 miles.) Nevertheless, I did manage to add two final Perimeter Rides in December and a couple of LFT round-trippers to close out 2016 with 74 Perimeters and 11,259 miles.

If I had just simply jumped onto US Route 20 ( which is the longest road in the United States at 3,365 miles) down at 95th Street and headed east or wesrt, I could have crossed the country THREE times with a 1,000 miles to spare. THAT, folks, is my Epic Ride.  

you're definitely epic! 12K next year or are you going to retire now that you've achieved 5 digits?

divvy doesn't want me to forget those miles!

You took 95 trips in 2016!
Meaning you spent a total of 745 minutes riding.

Gallons of Gasoline Saved
Miles Ridden
Calories Burned
Lbs of CO2 Reduced

3027 for the year, really excited as I was about 2700 last year and 2500 the year before.




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