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zero so far, but hoping to get out tomorrow before the ice pellets and single-digit temperatures hit

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Sweet! :-) great age tie-in. It'd be a good motivator to add 1k a year. Maybe (that's a lot!).

3507. Great year.

Absolutely no idea. But it was likely further/more than in 2014, so YAYYY!

(And Happy New Year, Chainlinkers.)

3547.5 = 57% more than last year, not bad.

and based on what's been posted so far, at the front of the pack in 2015:

Peter on November 6 8170
curt(is) locke on November 30 7302
Brian Bender yesterday 5600
Fai Mok on October 8 5102.5

I wish we had a "like" feature. This is pretty awesome. Congrats!! I hope to join you in tracking my miles this year. 


Bob, I finished 2015 with 5504.19 miles.  495.81 miles short of my goal. :-/p>

only 10 miles more per week, you'll make it next year for sure!  :-)

4,374 miles in 2015 - more miles on my bike than my car this year! And 75% of those miles were for commuting and transportation, so they replaced car miles. Yeah bikes!

4230 for the year. Hope to get that back up to 7000 in 2016

Even with injuries and traveling interrupting my groove at various times this past year, I still managed to ride 7,526.5 miles (2,326.5 over my original goal for the year.)  Other numerics include hitting 54 cycles around the sun this past June and dropping 11.2 lbs. since 1/1/2015 (after losing 20 in 2014.)

6,301 commuting.



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