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zero so far, but hoping to get out tomorrow before the ice pellets and single-digit temperatures hit

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Starting to ramp up the miles with May's 980 -- heading into June with 2989.5 on the year.

1344 miles.

1101.4 after lunch @ 3f. big wind, flew down there in 1:54:34. curt(is) and Peter vie for the lead!

Wettest June on record tamps down mileage -- only 681.8 on the month -- for an accumulative 3671.3 on the year to date.

I am finally back on the bike after recovering from a broken collar bone. I am at 1750 for the year, and I am so looking forward to adding to that.

Deet, good work!

my computer said 1499.4 after the Sixth Step Ride. but i don't trust it any more. it sometimes gets confused and says i'm going 60 mph. maybe going down a mountain, but not in the city. i think maybe it's picking up other wireless signals?

Maybe you're traveling in multiple planes/dimensions?

i'm sure i am, i'm just surprised my computer can track that mileage!

Are you sure the computer is a GPS and not a TARDIS?

no, i'm not

Car detection loops are the main culprits for false signals in cyclocomputers.  They make the "max speed" function rather useless.   In any event, the mileage error is small since the false speeds don't last long e.g. 3 seconds of false 60 mph = 250 false feet.

thanks, i had no idea. googled a little, and:

1. it could be that. or apparently it could be the anti-theft detection loops at a store (when i'm in the bike bike shop around the corner i usually leave my bike by the door), or an iPod (or i assume a phone, which i often have in my pocket), or even a tv (but i don't usually bring one of those on rides):

2. it turns out 65.9 is the maximum maximum speed my computer will show:

i don't know how Hz works, but if it thought i was going 100 miles per second, but only able to display 65.9 miles per hour, the mileage error would be large.

3. ever wonder how to trigger those car detection loops at a red light? one way is to attach a neodymium magnet to your bike:

what that would do to your computer i don't know. but jet fuel might.


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