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37.4, does that put me in the lead? :-)

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Good point.. almost ... in the fact that one needs additional data to make that point relevant. Knowing how many miles you ride does no one any good except in perhaps return on value of the components you use and whether they hold up for that usage. Other wise it's just bragging which only makes the braggart happy (for a few seconds). Like a vegetarian telling you how many vegetables they ate....

It could show that you are dedicated to a lifestyle but not really because some may be very dedicated but less able for physical or other reasons.

Personally, I ride exactly the amount I want to ride; no more and no less. The total miles are irrelevant and that is a valid point to bring to this forum.

Andy Moss 9.5 said:

As a comparison to how far you have ridden, it is quite relevant, especially to the extent your biking miles approach equilibrium with or exceed your driving miles.

Irvin Steinert said:

and equally worthless...

bob hsiung said:

How far you've *driven* in 2014 is a different thread! 

my final number: 2254.1. broke 2250, woo-hoo! (what's wrong with bragging a little?)

peter holds off Deet and Beans for the gold?!

for the record:

peter 7519 October 28
Deet 6971 yesterday
Beans 5674 December 18

congrats guys, that's a hell of a lot miles for one year. You definitely have seen things.



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