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I'm looking for a Jamis Commuter 3 in a specific size, and no LBS' seem to have it. Would bike shops be willing to order the size I need and allow me to test ride it before selling it, or is that a hassle that they're not willing to go through (i.e. "we ordered it for you, you have to buy it now")?

Just curious to know how that works.

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I think we have an e-mail from you about this bike.  We were closed yesterday but you'll get a reply later today.  We would never "make"" a customer take a bike that they didn't care for but we also try to be careful with special orders because we have had instances where we've ordered a bike for someone and they never even came in to try it.  In some cases we will ask for a deposit which we would refund or apply to another model if the bike they ordered was not what they had in mind.  It sort of depends on whether or not the bike is something we would stock or feel would be easy to sell.  We'll talk to you soon about the Jamis Commuter 3. Happy New Year! 

Most shops here in Chicago are willing to order something like that in for you to try if its a model they usually stock. Have you tried roscoe village bikes? I'm pretty sure they stock jamis.

That's a question you should be asking the bikeshop you're dealing with. The bike you speak of is very sellable in Chicago. I doubt the shop would stick you with the bike. On the other hand if you were curious about the fit of a fancy 6000 dollar Carbon Fiber racing bike in an odd size, they may be less willing to order it w/o a guarantee of purchase. Another note- the Commuter 3 is a special bike. If the Dealer doesn't normally stock it, they may have their reasons. There are Bianchis I don't stock because I don't think they're a good option (shock fork hybrid bikes, etc). Or maybe they're scared of the internal hub. There are many Jamis dealers in the city, find one that is comfortable with the Commuter 3. and lastly maybe the shop in question is out of stock because Jamis is out of stock.

The answer Roscoe gave is the same for Rapid Transit, and I would think any decent bike shop.  Put down a deposit for the bike (or any product) and if you don't like it when it arrives you get a full refund.   The exception to that is something that is SUPER expensive and weird (like a Calfe bamboo frame) and then it may be subject to a restock fee because it could not be sold and the manufacturer has a restock fee.  Be wary of any bike shop that is not willing to order a bike for you with no real obligation to keep it.

Rapid also gives you thirty days to return the bike for a full refund provided it is still in a condition we can sell as new but I would guess most decent shops would also do that.

Good bike shops are more concerned that a person out there riding a bike with their sticker on it loves the bike and is 110% happy with it than they are with not giving money back.

Greetings VXLA,

We special order bikes frequently and can get you a Jamis 2013 Commuter 3. Our policy with special orders is 1/2 down and 1/2 due open delivery. You have 3 months exchange right: keep the bike in like new condition and if you decide it is not what you are after you can return the bike for store credit which means you can use the money for either another bike, parts, apparel or anything that we sell.

Ride on,

Eric Puetz

Smart Bike Parts



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