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Last night I went to scout the newly opened Breakroom Brewery for a few reasons:

1. Food and beer - how is it? 
Exceptional. Attention to detail, great presentation, and very tasty. 

2. Bike parking - This isn't an area that has a lot of bike parking set up. There is an iron fence on the other side of the street as well as some poles but not a lot of parking. I talked with them last night about some possibilities. 

They are not sure how to acquire or borrow a bike corral. Neither am I. I'd love to help them if anyone knows of any leads so I am asking Chainlinkers... Does anyone know how they would get a bike corral? Your help is much appreciated!

I've seen a lot of cyclists on Facebook already head over to The Breakroom and from all appearances, this looks like a popular location that could also benefit from being bike friendly beyond our Chainlink Bar Night. 

And on a side note, we have over 75 people that have RSVPd yes. This looks like it will be a very enjoyable CL Bar Night. Also, Po Campo is providing a very nice (unisex) Black Loop Pannier for the monthly raffle to raise money for Bikes N' Roses.

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If they are looking for a permanent solution global industrial has very good prices on racks

wave racks are especially good deals

Streetsblog wrote an article a couple of years ago about how Revolution Brewing on Milwaukee got their corral.

Yasmeen, glad to know that you've already talked to the Breakroom about installing a corral. It does seem like it will be a great place for one. Here are some resources about bike corrals from the Chicago Department of Transportation. There's a contact person listed on the brochure.

Ted Villaire

Active Trans

Thanks Ted

Thanks Rich!
Here's the link to request racks from the city for BreakRoom Brewery:

Link to CL Bar night @ Breakroom Brewery.

If I wear my Breakroom Brewery shirt to this event, is that like wearing your favorite band shirt to their concert?

Hi Yasmeen -

I'd been in touch over the phone with the owner of Breakroom several months ago regarding the process by which private businesses are able to purchase and install racks on the sidewalk, within the public right-of-way. This is done through a Public Way Use Grant of Privilege - information on this program is here: .

On-street bike corrals are done through a different process. If this is something they're interested in pursuing, I'd encourage them to contact me directly at for more details on the requirements and costs associated.

As for City-provided racks, we do have a request for their location in our system, and will be beginning surveys for the 2015 installation season in about a month. I've marked this as a priority request, so we'll get up there to survey it as soon as we have some field staff to do so.

Kathleen Murphy

CDOT Bike Parking Program Coordinator

Thanks Kathleen, 

Is there something they can do as as temporary solution in the meantime? We have the Chainlink Bar Night coming up on April 16 plus they have so many people coming to their business on a bike. 

Maybe reach out to Breakroom and see if they have any storage space or open area in the brewery where people can bring bikes inside. Not regularly but for the bar night since there will probably be at least 20 bikes looking for parking. 

The city of Chicago places bike racks, also:

Tell us where you need bike parking.

CDOT works hard to consistently serve bicyclists throughout the City by installing roughly 500 bike racks on city sidewalks each year. You can help us locate the best places for these racks by using this map to put in a request where more bike parking is needed.


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