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Just curious, how did you first hear (or read) about the chainlink? I met Leah at a bike film festival scavenger hunt and although I forgot the name of the website saw her again at the perimeter ride (biking around the borders of the city led by John Greenfield).

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Last summer I was pedicabbing and someone put a wonderful little rectangular flyer for CL...and 6 months later I finally joined!
I found out about Chainlink and Midnight Marauders on the same night. I was out riding one night, and I ran into a friend, and she told me that there was a ride starting in a half hour (it was 11:30pm) it was these crazy folks who ride at midnight and do crazy things. It sounded right up my alley so we decided to check it out. Someone on the ride (I think it was Julie H.) handed me a Chainlink bookmark and I checked it out the next day after I had recovered from the Marauders ride. This was back in August of '08. And things have never been the same since.
Larry N
I found the flyer on the bullitin board at REI. Shortly after a buddy reffered me to the site, so I signed on.
I found out about it from the Chicago Critical Mass list where I tried to convince people not to use Ning due to a personal preference of mine. That was not very successful.
My cellie in prison turned me on to the Chainlink.
got an email from rapid transit that had a link that brought me here
Someone put a mini poster in my spokes while my bike was locked up at the Lawrence Redline stop last winter.
Someones mom.
I was at a summer festival in Oak Park and found a bookmark in my spokes ... how cool is that ?


great thread btw
From Martin Hazard at a basic bike maintenance class at West Town Bikes
Someone left a bookmark/flyer in the conference room next to my office at IIT. I've always wondered who it was because there are not many cyclists in my building.


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