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Hi all!

I am a Northwestern student participating in a social entrepreneurship class, where my group and I have decided to focus on bike-sharing as a means for creating a social impact (environmental benefits, health benefits, reduced congestion...) We initially began by conducting lots of user interviews with riders, conducting online research, and speaking to members of the government and members of the bike-share companies. As a result, we gathered a lot of insights into why people ride. Now as we move into the prototyping phase, we want to know how we can increase ridership!

If you do not currently use Divvy/a bikeshare, what is stopping you and what could be added to bikes that would make you more willing to ride? For Divvy/bikeshare users what would make you ride more frequently or for longer distances?

Can't wait to hear your feedback!

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I alraedy have two bikes and do not need a bikeshare ride.

Hi Drake. Welcome to this community!

*What's Stopping me?
I also do not have the need currently with the personal bikes I own now and the usual secure lock up situation that I have with the bike I use once I get to my destination. In a different or changed/emergency situation I imagine I could possibly use bike share.

*What could be added/changed?
From what I hear the bikes are hard to pedal comfortably and move slowly. They could probably have better/easier to pedal gearing.

*Increase ridership?
More stations city-wide. Lower/reasonable charges for yearly passes. Everyone talks about a longer time period between check-in stations as a drawback.

I do not like the concept of dockless-bike-share and hope Chicago does not permit it here. It just seems to bring a negative/disorganized visual vibe to the current residents who are not accepting of our cycling culture.

Again, welcome and good luck with your academic research project! . . .


*What would make me ride more frequently?

During the warmer months, the docks downtown are often full when I'm arriving to work in the morning and empty when I'm leaving work in the evening. So I ride my own bike during the warmer months. In the colder months I ride Divvy, because the docks are rarely empty/full. I like the convenience Divvy offers of not having to ride home if weather or plans change, so if the docks were less frequently empty/full in the warmer months, I would ride year-round. But, I get that there is only so much Divvy can do to re-balance the docks. At some point it becomes ridiculous to have fleets of vans moving bikes around for people. So I am fine with the status quo.

*What would make me ride longer distances?

The main thing is the change they just implemented this month: increasing the time limit to 45 minutes before late fees start racking up. This will encourage me to ride Divvy on routes that take longer than 45 minutes; previously I would more likely have ridden my own bike.


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