Has anyone ever been on the Historic Bronzeville Annual Bike Tour? Or heard of it?

This may be a serious dork qualifier, but I was at a wedding yesterday, swaying to the classic croon of Unforgettable by romantic musical legend Nat King Cole when the lone thought that wafted through the champagne-haze of my brain was, "wow, I could go visit the home of this singer...by bike." 

Seriously. The Cole house is a stop on the Bronzeville ride, which I just learned about but is celebrating its 10th anniversary on June 29.  I had the privilege of talking with one the ride organizers at last Friday's Bike Week Rally (when I also met many of you nice people on The Chainlink too).  

On this tour, you cruise around for 16 miles, visiting historic sites (40!) with music and food.  The woman involved really emphasized the chicken and waffles component.  It'd be worth going just to find out if that's chicken on waffles, or simply with. 

Looks interesting and bicycling for local exploration and getting to know your neighbors always = :-) 

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Now that looks like a really cool tour.  But I am going to be out of town. :-(

Would be an interesting ride, but I anticipate being in Freeport for a century ride that day.

A friend sent me info on this ride and it sounds really interesting. And that was before I knew chicken & waffles would be involved!!!

It does sound like a cool tour and I think I may sign up for it.

I saw flyers for this at the Bike to Work rally. Looks like a very cool ride. Unfortunately, I'm also out of town.



Might like to make that ride. Some good spots, for sure.


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