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Kind of missing a "who did you see on your commute" today but for people you are not able to identify.  So here goes. I know you nord' sidersss are swimming in random strangers on bikes, but where I live it's not quite a daily occurrence to see another cyclist on my way to/from work.

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Let's see, not a lot of cyclists right now on the 7 am arrival time to the loop from Lincoln/Wells, but I did have a Surly big dummy sighting this week which was new and different, there's also a really tall guy that normally passes me (I'm the slowish nondescript white hybrid or even slower red dutch bike with multiple helmet and bike lights and flowered pannier)

This morning around 8:30 on Wasthenaw just south of Cermak.

You're a 30-something male with road bike or fixie and dark amber snow goggles.  

You were riding against the flow of bike traffic.

Riding down the road.  

Always doing what you're told.

Can you help me?

I pass a guy with a tan helmet with reflective strips that may or may not have come with the helmet. Has a typical commuter bike, and by that I mean I never remember what his bike is until I pass it. He rides Clark south towards the loop.

You: Going north bound on Damen a few blocks north of North. Round 930am

Me: Going south bound.

Thanks for the bell ring, I would have returned the greeting but had no bell. We exchanged head nods though. Definitely a pleasant way to start the day.

I've got more return bell rings in the past few weeks than probably the past five years as a whole, and I think even a rare unsolicited ring once or twice.

I think you just said hello to almost every guy on a bike in Logan Sq/Wicker Park.
h' 1.0 said:

Hellllllooooooo skinny bearded guy on road bike.........?

20-something female southbound on Washtenaw south of Cermak the past few mornings (today around 10?)

Presumably heading towards the courthouse?


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