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Hey Humans! What are your biggest pet peeves as a human cyclist?

(just curious to see if this discussion ends up being dominated by non-humans :-)

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As we approach fall I'm looking for the wet leaves on the side roads to not be fun, but it does give you a refresher of how to riding in snow and ice.

My biggest concern is those damn trolls under the bridge that be trolling and keeping anyone from passing. 

1) dangerous schoaling. Personally, you may pass if there's room but please give a nice "passing on your right" if for some reason it is too dangerous to pass on the left.

2) People passing through tight spaces. Our fingers gently intertwined and our bags smashed together. Thanks for passing so closely on my left/right it put both of us in danger, jerkface. 

3) Squirrels are vicious creatures that must be stopped

4) Sidewalk riders-when there is no need to sidewalk ride. If the lane is big and clear (when that does happen) why you on the sidewalk?

5)black ice you are my enemy as are the ninja cyclists who are unwilling to pay $20 or less for a decent set of front/back lights. Fools. You are invisible to most. Four beer drinks would probably pay for your lights. Buy them...

6) People who go straight when they have a red and turning cars have a turn signal. You slow down traffic, endanger yourself and others, and you look especially stupid when I catch up with/pass you given that I'm slow as hell. Even if you're fast the fact that you're blocking traffic is stupid and creates ill will towards cyclists

7) Trolls. They are the real problem. :)

Frickin' dogs keep peeing on my tires!

Thanks, Obama.

David Barish said:

Frickin' dogs keep peeing on my tires!

But they are so cute!

Lisa, you're right. They are just so adorable. Fine. Trolls can troll...
Lisa Curcio 6.5 mi said:

But they are so cute!

These nuts!

Humans with no sense of humor.



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