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I believe key here in enabling an arrest was that the owner had filed a police report (back when it was stolen about 6 months ago). Who knows if any charges will stick . . . but for at least a brief moment, trafficking stolen goods effectively became illegal again in Chicago.

T.C. O'Rourke said:
Was the bike's owner present at the Swap?

If not, this is a pretty major departure from the typical police response that charges cannot be filed without the owner present. Even on a 3 time loser.

AND it's a major endorsement (by the police) of the CSBR as a resource.

Brilliant. Good job to all involved.

Sue Clark said:
The guy in the pic had a Windsor taken off of him 3 weeks ago by the Bike Recovery crew. The CPD, including the officer that assisted us today, got another bike off of him last weekend on behalf of the rightful owner. Today we had a positive ID on another bike from the registry.

Cops, being fed up with him and supporting our efforts, hauled his ass in.

(iggi: God bless America!!)



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