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here is something great if you want to look like an idiot...

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1817Some of the first bicycle designs; I would consider my self an "idiot" to ride that instead of a horse. such of pain in between the legs, must to be intolerable. It seems to me that wooden horse with wheels is made for courtesans looking to have a pleasant time. However, my mind can not compliant this may be a push to design something that will ensure a cheap, clean, fun and reliable form of transportation.  

I am an idiot for not experimenting, exploring and riding... 

Hmmm. Actually the reason I started biking was that my husband would stop annoying me that I need to run

It would probably be a pretty fun motorized design to fly around the streets suspended and incredibly aerodynamic. But as a bike there is no reason to tamper with the most efficient machine created by man.

Also the fact that there are no pedals and you have to kick and run to start going, it is really just a expensive, funny looking one of these...



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