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Help us kill a proposed drive-thru that will cut the Halsted St. bike lane below Clybourn

There is a plan in my neighborhood to develop 1530-34 N. Halsted St. into a small banking facility with a drive-thru. Please help kill this threat to part of the Halsted St. bike lane.

The drive-thru as depicted in the most recent architectural plans would create 2 curb cuts, each wide enough for 2 lanes of traffic:
- 2 lanes entering the facility from Halsted and
- 2 more lanes exiting the facility onto Halsted.

These 4 lanes of traffic would cut the sidewalk and the bike lane on the west side of Halsted St and thus pose a danger to pedestrians (The Apple Store, REI, British School, a number of small storefront businesses, childcare, facilities, etc.) and especially to cyclists using the Halsted St. bike lane.

I am a year-round commuting and recreational cyclist as well as owner of a residential property adjacent to the proposed development. I am part of a group of local owners that opposes the drive-thru for many reasons, including the danger to the vulnerable groups mentioned above.

*** This drive-thru will require rezoning or a special use permit, so with enough pressure, we can stop this proposal. ***

==> Action Item for Persons with Clout:
The small group of local owners are to meet with 43rd Ward Alderman Michele Smith and Matt Rich from her staff on Feb. 16. At that meeting I would like to present among other evidence a letter from anyone with clout stating opposition to the drive-thru for any reason, but in particular from a heavyweight from one of the Chicago cycling advocacy organizations and/or from the Dept. of Transportation who opposes developments that would harm existing bicycling facilities and pose a danger to the vulnerable groups (pedestrians and cyclists).

==> Action Item for Individuals:
An email, telephone call and/or a letter to Alderman Smith's office from individuals and cyclists opposing the threat to pedestrian life and cycling on Halsted south of Clybourn would also be very useful:

==> Email:

==> Call:
773-348-9500 (Matt Rich or Alderman Michele Smith)

==> Mail:
Ward 43 Office, Alderman Michele Smith
2523 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60614-2539

Thank you!!!

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Just an general opinion, but I really don't see the need of yet another bank or banking facility, and definitely not a drive-through one for that matter. Don't we have enough banks here in Chicago already? It seems every time I see something being developed in this city it has been a bank.  I know it isn't much of a reason to give to the zoning board to protest another one being built, but really, another bank? Why? 

Is there a public notice up?  It would likely tell us who is filing the paperwork in City Hall and when it will be in front of the Council.  


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