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Help out fellow commuters during Bike to Work Week Pit Stop and Closing Party!

Happy and chilly Friday to the Chainlink!

Chicago's Bike to Work Week and Bike Commuter Challenge are just around the corner: June 15th through 19th. Active Trans is seeking volunteers to help out at Pit Stops Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6 AM to 9 AM! You'd be inviting commuters into the stop, helping spread the word about transit advocacy, and helping share delicious snacks and Dark Matter Coffee. Plus sharing good mornings with the people who are staring at your taillight or messenger bag most days and taking a little break on your way to work, school or errands. 

A list of pit stops can be found here: and we'd love for folks to sign up for as many as they'd like! 

We will also be having a closing party/celebration at the Lincoln Park Whole Foods on Kingsbury, June 19th from 4 PM to 8 PM. We'd love to have volunteers come help and encourage attendees to recycle and compost, as well as help out as needed at the event. You'd get drinks and swag for your effort as well as an entrance into our first Rock the Rooftop Bike to Work Week Closing Party!

You can reach me at if you're interested. I know it is short notice, but we'd love your help. I know most of us will be commuting that week, but if you have a morning to spare (even only an hour for a shift), we'd so appreciate it! Let me know if you have questions, concerns, or want to share cool bike memes.

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Am I missing something? Why are there no pit stops in Pilsen or Bridgeport this year? The furthest south seems to be in the South Loop/prairie district with The Spoke and The Bird and I guess Kozy's near Mercy in Bronzeville. Wasn't there in previous years at blue island/18th? Or am I seriously misreading the list and need to figure out these interwebs.

In previous years there was a pit stop along the North Shore Channel Path, just south of Foster. 

Oh. I wonder how pit stops are chosen. Are these sites gone because of lack of volunteers? Riders? Or something else?

Hi everyone!

yai danche's reply below hits it on the head. Pit Stops do rely on sponsors who want to help with them--unofficial stops (without ATA staffing) are put up by groups or businesses who want to put them on solo. Thus, depending on the mix of interest, sponsors and capacity, they can shift from year to year. 

But I'll definitely bring this up so next year there can be more exploration into how pit stops can return/expand. And spread the word or consider lending a hand! :)

South side might've lost their sponsors. Last year 18th/blue island was sponsored by Working Bikes, a local juice place, and Go Pilsen. In Bridgeport it was sponsored by Blue City Cycles and Jackalope Cafe. 

Just saw that you can stop into Whole Foods and show your helmet to get a treat. 



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