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As the mornings get darker, I am wanting to update my headlight. The old posts seem just that, outdated. Any advice on some good headlights? I want to be seen, and to see the road if possiable. Rechargeable or battery? Thanks for the help.

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The main problem with these small watch batteries is that they typically cannot be recharged. So you end up buying new batteries all the time. That tends to drive up the total cost of the light over time

AA/AAA bateries can be recharged time and time again with a cheap charger.
Barry Aldridge said:

I just bought flashing head and tail lights (single LED) that use thin watch batteries. They were very inexpensive on Amazon. I haven't used them yet, so I don't know how long those small batteries will work, but they seem bright. I ride in the city and only need them to announce my presence to cars. The headlight would be inadequate to illuminate a dark path or street.

+1.  If you want small light inexpensive lights get the little USB rechargables.   (Blackburn Flea, Axiom Spark etc).   They recharge using a USB cable and put out a lot of light for their size.  Not enough to see down a dark trail, but more than enough to be seen by most cars.  I wouldn't get the watch battery lights because I doubt that they are much smaller and those watch batteries are both very expensive and VERY dangerous.  (Hard to emphasize how dangerous they are for small children...)

BTW the "Light and Motion" Seca 750 is presently for sale at the performance bike website for 50% off...

and the Niterider MinNEWT 600 is also marked down quite a bit.  I understand that both are real good lights.


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