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For those of us who have commuted through the winter, have we become hardier cyclists for the elements?
On days like today, high 30s and low 40s, I find that I can get by with only my trucker jacket and not even have any layers under my clothing.
In fact, a single wool sweater was too much and I sweat a lot.

Anyone else?

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I'd love to see any research on whether humans can "toughen up" against cold or otherwise increase climate tolerance.  Can't say I have, but I think frequent riding at the very least makes you hardier psychologically. Above 30 degrees and I ride - and I am otherwise a *very cold* person in winter, subsisting between every possible external heat source (sweaters, tea, and cuddling ranking highest).  But I'm convinced that morning riding warms the blood all day.  As for clothing...always dress for the second mile. 



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