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Just wanted to send a happy birthday greeting to our site founder.

If anyone wants to give her a gift, I'm sure she would love a donation to her AIDS ride -

May you live to be 120 (and still riding a bike)!

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Hello Leah, have a wonderful birthday!
Well done, Leah! Hope you had a happy one. Thanks for all your hard work.

Happy Birthday Leah from one of the winter cyclists

Happy birthday, Leah!
So when is Leah's birthday? March 18th, or July 8th?

Happy Friday! Birthday, Leah!

Well, I seem to be a little late with my greeting, as the original post is marked March 18, 2009.  But hey, what's a couple of years late among the Chicago Cyclisti?  Just consider this a preemptive birthday wish for next winter, March 18, 2012.  I'll get back to ya with my next birthday well wishing around 2015.

Thanks everyone! My real birthday is March 18, but I'll take birthday wishes any day. :)


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