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My handlebar was just stolen off my bike, maybe 30 minutes ago, in front of Cermak on North ave.  Just letting you guys know to beware if your in the area.

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Lucky I live in the neighborhood, so it was a quick walk home.

They do. 

Get it fixed for CCM.

What-all did they steal?  Just the bar, or bar and stem, or bar stem and brake levers?

Jeez, are we going to have to figure a way to lock our bars to our frames?

Just the bar with one brake lever and the front stem plate, whatever you call it.  They snipped the brake line and took off.  Probably a scrapper. 

Oh man that sucks! Durham had a couple things stolen off his bike a month or so ago from there too.

Here's what I'm doing lately, you know the old electrical tape thing. I mean who really cares what it looks like? Wrap as many parts that don't move in a layer of tape, thieves will have to remove that first to get at nut,bolts, hex can't stop 'em but you can slow them down.

Mike Zumwalt said:

They do. 

Get it fixed for CCM.

That's just incredibly surreal and completely suckytastic. Maybe the thief was desperate for a valentines day gift? Have a handlebar and some cupcake I found. Was it a vintage hard to find specific bar?

I just had to change my handlebar because of some old fuddy fuddy nerve stuff and was surprised at how easy it is to remove/replace them. My riding is now less painful. Maybe now you'll find a "more you" handlebar. Gift horse mouth rot and such...

Thanks John. 

You know Mike, that's what I was thinking, 'cause they were just looking for something quick to steal.

The bar was nothing special.  Everything on it was cheap and wore out. 

Sorry to hear!

wtf.  i had mt light base stolen once.  Still haven't replaced the base so the light is useless until I buy a new one. 

That sucks! Sorry to hear that Amber! You could always use electrical tape to tape Lila to your new handle bars and she would rip their face off for you.



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