While riding through greek town this evening at Halsted and Jackson a motorist pulled a weapon (handgun) on the corkers. The police happened to be right behind the motorist and arrested him and the passenger.

Please don not argue with motorists because you will never know their state of mind. Be careful!

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it always gets silly come summertime.  

I stopped going to Mass years ago.  

Last time I went I saw a little kid get run over by a drunk driver.    

I think that was my son!  Did this happen in Little Village on 18th Street?

If it's any consolation, said son is now 19 and still rides his bike.  ;-)

I got to witness TWO crazy events at intersections on this June 2017 CCM ride. The first was when a SUV was blocked by corkers and they started yelling obscenities at the corker from the windows of the SUV. One of the corkers made the mistake of shaking his finger at them and shaking his head also. Next thing you know there are several people dressed for a night out on the town outside the vehicle pushing and swearing at the corkers saying they are late for a funeral. Then some pedestrians got involved screaming at them as they got back into the suv. Wow. The second one i witnessed was the incident with the guy with the gun. While I dont think it was a very good idea to sit on the drivers hood, I DO have to say that he was slowly inched off of his bike by the driver advancing! Also he should never have looked at the driver and made any kind of gesture at him, given the situation. He was quick to disappear on his bike once the driver got out of the car.

Three of my friends from Velo Club Roubaix were seriously injured by a horse trailer / cyclists accident in Barrington Hills several years back. Thankfully, all recovered. I know Rubani is on the board of ATA and think Elliott serves today on committee. Simplest way for all of us to thank them is be members to our supporters of ATA. Regarding legal rights of cycllsts/motorists I would offer this for legal educated guess:

1. Motorist is not allowed to roll down window (engage cyclist)

2. Cyclist is not allowed to touch vehicle.

3. Either or both offense can lead to arrest, not sure what the officer would charge either with.

Welcome our legal experts to correct and clarify same. Know there are many in this audience. 

Ride on,



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