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group of ladies doing long distance bike ride looking for a place to stay on 6/21

I was contacted recently by a group of 4 ladies who are doing a long distance bike ride. They are riding into the city on 6/21 and looking for a place to stay that night. Would anyone in a neighborhood north, northwest or west of the Loop be able to host them for a night?

For more info on their ride, click here:

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An excellent resource:

Lots of Chicago area people on this list.

I have stayed in this hostel, riding in from street parking across a subway several blocks to the west. Just north of the former children's hospital.

Do they need to stay together? I'm in Humboldt by Chicago & California and have a guest room with a full bed. Could fit one gal there or two if one of them is okay on the carpeted floor.

Thank you for offering.

I don't think that any of them have significant knowledge of Chicago geography, so it would be ideal if they could be in the same place, or in locations close to each other so it's easy for them to meet up and get started in the morning. 

Is anyone who lives near Melanie interested in hosting? 

I have two empty bedrooms with a double bed, a double sized air mattress, a twin air mattress, and living room couch available. I'm in Hyde Park, which is south, but really easily accessible from the Lake Front Path. Also have indoor, secured bike parking and all the bike tools they may need. Happy to host all of them if they want to venture south a bit.

I'll let them know. Thank you for offering.

They've found a place to stay. Thank you for your kind offers.


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