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You have a great thing here with the Chainlink. 

I hope the few don't end up ruining it for the many.

It doesn't take very long in any of the forum threads before …

I was going to go into a long explanation but it's just not worth it.

Thanks Julie, it's been (mostly) fun.

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ha. i often refer thoughts to that cartoon as well.

but this aesop fable summarizes chainlink (and life) perfectly...


leave meeeeeee 

save yourselllllvesssss

*gets eaten by cars* 

Mega same. MEGA same. 

igz said:

To think a few people can ruin chainlink for many does an injustice to we many who can make up our own minds about things, and forum posters.  Seriously, it's an open forum for a reason.  People choose to post what and how they like, and I support that right 100% as long as the forum rules are followed.  If people are offended or insulted they can choose to ignore the post, simple as that.  Chainlink is important, bottom line, 'nuff said.


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