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I'm wondering what it would reasonably cost to face/ream/chase a headtube and BB shell?  It's a brand new frame and I understand that most quality frames nowadays don't really need to be faced, maybe just clean up some of the paint, etc.  I want to build this baby up correctly from the get go instead of just slapping parts on.

I know the tools for this are really expensive and it's the one thing I need to get done and then I can complete the build.

Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks!

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Boulevard will do facing for either a BB or head tube for $20-$25.  I think they offer a package deal of $35.00 for both.  I always consider it to be important to do the head tube.  BB shells, not so much unless it's an old school loose bearing BB.

Expect it to be 40-50 for both if you bring them the bare frame which is what it sounds like you are planning. 

I dislike doing anymore facing or chasing on frames than has to be done; I don't want to remove any more material than I have to from anything.  If you are not using an external cup bottom bracket I would leave it be.  If it is an external BB just have them get the paint off of it to ensure a true mating surface.  Unless there are gobs of paint the same for the head tube.  

That said there are people out there who strongly believe in facing the head tube and BB regardless on a new frame and I would not consider them wrong or it to be a poor practice, just different from my preference.

Also, if when it is going together if anything feels odd do the face and chase on it.

Thanks for the info - it's pretty much in line with what I was thinking.  Yes - this is a bare frame and I agree with not doing any more facing/reaming than has to be done.  It's mostly to scrape that initial paint splatter and some surface unevenness.  I was thinking of taking some fine sandpaper to the faces but I fear I'll do more harm than good.  



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