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I'm so tired of seeing bikers try to out-right a bus that's heading to a bus stop where they can get squooshed (a good bus driver will typically notice them and let them pass but they don't always see you).   The buses are expecting you to go left of a parking or parked bus.  But they don't always wait for us to go past before heading off so be prepared to slow down.  Never let your ego ride the bike.

Same with trucks and cars that can make a right before you get to the corner, don't assume you can squeeze past in time or that they'll slow down for you.  Never let your ego ride the bike. 

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I'd say that for anyone that passes on the right with no bike lane at intersections. And a lot of bike lanes disappear at intersections for that reason. Watch out for those situations.

Best advice in this post for any biking situation.

"Never let your ego ride the bike."



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