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While listening to to the Waddle and Silvy Show from 9 to 1 pm on 06/07/11 on ESPN radio I got to hear how fun it would be if they intentionally doored cyclists and how sometimes that would just feel great. This went on for about 20 minutes.


Well I didn't think that would be great. And as some may know I'm vocal. ;-) So I tried  tweeting with Silvy @WaddleandSilvy for those that tweet and he said that the best course of action would be to send an e-mail to:


The Apology we got on 06/08/11 was a joke. Happened 45 minutes into the show and was terrible.


At the bottom of there is also a Contact Us that goes to corporate vs the address above that is only read by the show hosts. We need to get on this!


If you wanna hear the comments they have a podcast . and it happens about 2 hours 14 minutes into the show if memory serves. Started out with making fun of spandex shorts and then went on to murder.


In light of the fact that ESPN already had Tony Kornheiser voice his opinions on cyclists I doubt they are looking for more trouble so it would be a good time to get the message out. Watch out for us! Dooring Can KILL us! etc...


And Here is a list of sponsors of Waddle and Silvy: They should hear about our  displeasure as well!


Performance Bikes!!! Harris Bank, Golfsmith, Jimmy Johns (they do bike deliveries, hello!), John Chico's Men's Wear, Triton College, Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, Ameristar, Home Depot, Johnsonville, Gerber Collision & Glass, Studio 41 Remodelling, 

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Yes James but it is a sport. Whether you do it that way or not. What I didn't like after ESPN had this same problem with Tony Kornheiser running it's mouth was that they had Lance Armstrong on the show. Lance Armstrong doesn't have to worry about getting doored. But Anyway... Writing letters, getting peoples attention helps in solving problems so peeps don't make dumb jokes that can kill me. ;-)
That is because Lance is totally invincible.  Not only is he the fountainhead of those magic yellow rubber bands that can do anything up to and including raising the dead and curing cancer -but he is so full of the juice that even if he did get doored he probably could grow a new set of arms or legs in about 5 or 6 minutes...
I've sent a few e-mails to sponsors. ;-) I love being a bother!

waya to go 'ya man.



Gabe said:

I've sent a few e-mails to sponsors. ;-) I love being a bother!

Thanks for the list of sponsors, Gabe; I wrote a few yesterday.


Last night a friend told me they'd heard a spot for Performance Bikes on ESPN1000 during their afternoon show.  Not sure if they're also advertising during Waddle & Silvie, but I'm definitely going to drop them a line today.

i had never heard Performance have a commercial on ESPN but if they are givin ESPN money they should know how ESPN feels about bikers.
Yeah, prior to stopping listening to the station I'd never heard one either.  It is prime time for summer cyclists though, so it certainly seems possible that a company with the resources Performance Bike has might well be spending some ad $ right now in places they usually don't.

Gabe said:
i had never heard Performance have a commercial on ESPN but if they are givin ESPN money they should know how ESPN feels about bikers.

Hey Chainlinkers, we missed this thread (too much Bike the Drive and Bike to Work Week happening) but Gabe emailed us.


We will look into this and most likely contact ESPN and the anchors directly.


We'll keep you posted.


Thanks so much,

Ethan Spotts, Active Trans

Thanks Ethan. Me and a few others can be ignored but organizations and sponsors contacting them keeps them honest. :-)

So who has twitter and can keep tweeting @waddleandsilvy, I've been blocked so he won't get my tweets anymore.


Things like "Hey @wbez, @waddleandsilvy think it's funny yo door bikers, Read @thechainlinkorg for details."


Is what i was sending out to Rahm, NPR, Etc...

You got blocked?
yep-his tweets stopped showing up in my feed which means he wont get the ones i send either. it's an option on your page when someone else clicks on ur page.



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