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Gin Kilgore takes on The Suburban Cyclist tonight at 7 on WTTW

Chicago Critical Mass and Bike Winter stalwart, and all-around righteous dame Gin Kilgore will mop the floor in a debate with The Suburban Cyclist this evening at 7 on WTTW's Chicago Tonight talk show on channel 11:

Check out this The Suburban Cyclist's recent, extremely long rant against Chicago Critical Mass:
Boy, I wouldn't know where to start setting this guy straight.

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Chris C said:

I have no problem paying $40 for BtD.  It is, after all, a fund raiser for a non-profit organization.


Hands down it's my favorite charity ride.  Between the sun rising over the lake to the east and the architectural skyline to the west, I feel like the creamy center filling of the mother of all sandwich cookies.


After several tries I successfully uploaded this past Chicago Tonight piece for someone who had a question about a past professional bike advocate-- thought I'd share it up here for anyone interested.



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