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I mean I can't see you as I'm riding, cars have enough trouble "seeing" us and it's not that expensive.
Front and rear cat eye lights $30 I really don't want to be in (another) bike on bike accident.

#2 see if you can get the tax credit for biking to work

So far I've had 2 employers who didn't want to give me $20 that the govt' gives them but if enough push for it maybe, just maybe.

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I think lights are underrated.  A study on cyclists in Denmark shows incidents of injury a 19% less frequent for cyclists who always use a light.  This was a designed study, not an observational study.  Mostly we see the latter type of study which is subject to confounds.  

The safety effect of permanent lights is about the same as some estimates as helmets.

Since I learned about the permanetn light study I always use a light unless I am riding in a group, even when it is sunny outside.

Right on re. the lights.  Same now for cars to have the daytime running lights or headlights (I have the main headlights always on in my car (and it's been this way for a long time now with motorcycles) for the same reason.


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