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Fundraising/Awareness for Mental Illness Bike tour to Washington DC

Hi Chainlink.
     Three of us friends, directly involved in advocacy for people with mental illness, will be riding 1200 miles from Chicago to Washington DC in the name of supportive housing leaving May 1st.  This is for a really good and personal cause.
     We are talking to legislators and seeking funding for services that go hand-in-hand with the supportive housing that exists for people with mental illness.  I know several people who have thrived with the stability that this housing can provide.  I consider that someday I may need to use this type of housing.  But the quality is nowhere near the level of where it should or could be here in Illinois.  For reasons such as this, people with mental illness can be in situations at home with aging parents who can't provide the right assistance or in places such as nursing homes,  Seems weird doesn't it?  The funding for our project will come mostly from state and federal funds.  This is why we need support to take to the legislators.
    Though we admit a tour is 100% our idea of a good time, we are doing this to serve this purpose.  I sought out the couple I am riding with after hearing what they were planning to do.  They are very cool people and know alot about the ins and outs of this service.
     If you have any questions, msg me or I can get you in touch with the other couple.  We are also looking for people who can share their experiences so that we can take them to Capitol Hill.

-Nate M

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If anyone has any bike clubs that we could present at, that'd be great. Just msg me.
Are you doing any presentations in the Chicago area? Possibly in cooperation with NAMI Chicago?
I haven't looked into that yet, but it's a possiblity. Thanks for the idea.

Michael said:
Are you doing any presentations in the Chicago area? Possibly in cooperation with NAMI Chicago?


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