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FS:Weinmann DP18 silver front wheel, Velo-Orange randonneur front rack - spring cleaning - will add more stuff as we go.

Weinmann DP18 "Deep V" 700C front wheel - $30 - used but has plenty of life left, spins reasonably true, Formula high-flange sealed bearing hub feels fine. Silver deep section rim, machined sidewalls that have some brake wear, could clean up nicely if you are so inclined (I am not). 36 spokes. Vittoria rim tape. Presta valve compatible. Nutted axle, but nuts are not included. Nuts! I'm two blocks from Smart Bike Parts, grab this wheel then swing over there and get set - that's why I knocked $5 off the price I was going to ask.

Velo Orange randonneur front rack - $50 - never used, shiny and new. Mounts to brake bolt and most of the time to p-clamps on your front fork - won't match up with low-rider braze-ons for the most part. If you are nice and I'm not feeling too lazy I bet I have some p-clamps lying around too.

Wrights W3N (on the right) - $20 - Sale Pending - this saddle doesn't seem to have been used much, but is pretty dried out and will need to be resuscitated by a patient person with plenty of leather saddle goop. I am not that patient and have many saddles much like this, so let's get it to someone who needs it. About the size of a Brooks B17 Narrow - a good touring saddle if you like to keep your bars a little lower than the saddle.

Selle An-Atomica Titanico (on the left)- Gone!

Prices are mostly open to reasonable offers, but "reasonable" is the operative word. 

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Not this time around, thanks. I was curious to try a cut out saddle. I've heard they're tops for long distance comfort.


i'd like the Carradice bags (all 3 of them) if they're still available. PM me if they are? Thanks!

OK. Some stuff gone, Mike W. is taking the Carradices and OLB the Wrights - will delete once those transactions are done. For now there is a front wheel and a messenger bag, later there will probably be more stuff. Spring cleaning is fun!

If for some reason the Carradice saddlebag isn't taken, I'll take it!


Just wondering what you thought of the Selle?  I am thinking of getting the Titanico for my Surly Ogre build as I have two B17's but would like something waterproof I can take on the trails.  How do they compare?

I have a Selle on my touring bike and love it - took a minute to get used to as I have Brooks or similar on most of my bikes. Not sure how to describe descriptively in a way that's helpful - a Brooks is like a comfortable, firm mattress, but the Selle is like a hammock for your ass? Both good, but different?

Anyway, try it out. I will note also that the Selle saddles are about 10mm narrower than a B17, FYI.

Thanks Alex.  I think I might give it a shot.  And I laughed for a while about your "hammock for your ass" description.

PM sent

Interested in the blaq honker

Carradice panniers and saddlebag gone. Blaq messenger bag gone. Wheel is $30, come on, you need this wheel more than I do. And Dave, I stand by my description of the Selle Anatomica saddle. It's a good thing, hammocks are comfortable.

Also, added Velo Orange randonneur front rack. You need a front rack. Yes, you. It's six-pack sized but you can also zip-tie a basket to it to hold a twelve pack. So functional!

The Blaq bag is sweet, and kindly sold at a great price. Thanks again.

Buy this man's stuff!



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