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my job has millions of gallons of paint.  all kinds, all colors, all finishes.  they are left overs from previous projects. 


anyone need paint for your spring refreshes?  painting your house? any DIY projects?


did i mention its free?  its available in wood dale (near ohare)


contact me if interested, ill give you the details.

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I saw just this and it confirms that this guy definitely deserved an awesome surprise party.

Free paint!? Sounds great. Where do I go?

Hey there Igz...

Thanks for the insight (sorry for the late acknowledgement...).  Another question for you...

Would an automotive paint shop be the right place to go to have the following done:

1) strip paint from bike frame

2) polish the aluminum

3) clear coat(?) the aluminum

Any observations on the above idea would be appreciated!

igz said:

painting a bike, to do it right, you need the equipment as much as the paint.  you want a spray on lacquer or enamel. even a spray can, its just not right. and you need the perfect conditions. no wind, no dust, and you need curing time - not just drying time - for the paint to really take hold. and then you need to do it again with a clear coat.  and all that is assuming that you already completely stripped down your bike of old paint.  otherwise, it will just look like shit.  if you dont care for perfection, then go for it.

if you are looking for a pro finish, you are still looking at stripping the original paint down to bare metal regardless.  an autobody shop should be able to do it.  i would make friends with someone in a shop, and ask them to use some paint from a car they are painting to give your bike a few coats.  its more intesive to set up, mix, and then dissasemble and clean the equipment than to actually paint it.  it take moments to paint a bike, with so little surface. but you still need the conditions.

im no pro, these are just my observations.

you might be able to do that if you can convince them. might be expensive tho. but doesnt hurt to ask.  

all of those tasks, tho - the strip, the polish, the clear coat, can easily be done by yourself.  there are a number of harsh chemical based products that you brush on to old paint and takes it off easily. you can polish the frame with an orbital sander and a high-grit sandpaper. a clearcoat can easily be sprayed on. just do it in a place where dust isnt flying around or wind could blow stuff onto frame.  a clearcoat over polished metal is easier than paint because you can get away with more imperfections.

or you could try a bodyshop place and expect that you may get some weird looks a few times.

How is everything going Igz?

I wanted to know do you all still have paint on hand? I'm in much need of some.



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