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I found a bike in front of The Oasis (Pratt and Sheridan) last night/early this morning that was leaned against a pole for at least twenty minutes with no one watching it. I brought it home in an attempt to find it's rightful owner. If you were up there and lost a bike, let me know. If you can describe it, I'd be more than happy to get it back to you.

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I'd really like to get this bike to it's owner. It has been loved, and I'm certain the owner misses it.

I should also mention that I took it after twenty minutes because some sketchy dudes walked up and started talking about taking it. My wife was with me, so I said that it was hers and went home. I wasn't just trying to get a free ride, and I'm not interested in any reward other than the joy of finding the rightful owner of this bike.

Could have been stolen, or stolen and changed hands a bunch of times before being left.

Did you search here:

Yeah, I did.

I suggest putting up a flyer there (ask first), and let the bartenders know (Gigi, especially), in case someone comes and asks about it. 

Thanks for making such a conscientious effort to find the owner.

It might be worth your while to set up a google alert for "stolen [make] [model] Chicago."

I haven't printed a flyer yet, but April and Eric are friends of mine and they know. I haven't seen Gigi in a while.

I search those terms daily. Still nothing.


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