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For Sale: Vintage Fully Restored TALL Japanese Fixed Gear Track Bike (PHOTOS)

Wasn't sure whether this belonged in Marketplace or BikePorn... (copied from my CraigsList ad)


I'm selling a mid-80's, like new, freshly restored, lugged Japanese bicycle, carefully and professionally rebuilt as a brakeless fixed gear track bike. This bike is absolutely one-of-a-kind, hand crafted, with every single part carefully curated to build the perfect cycling experience. With proper care and maintenance (of course) it will last it's owner a lifetime.

Restoration of this bike began with a brand new powdercoat finish in white. Much stronger than the paint found on most new bicycles, powdercoat stands up to the elements with ease and protects your investment from dings and scratches during normal use (bike racks, sign posts, etc.) much more than paint and clearcoat alone. All vintage alloy components on this bike are all new or NOS (new old stock) components, buffed and polished to a high luster entirely by hand.

The original loose bearing bottom bracket was replaced with a new sealed cartridge bearing unit, ensuring years of reliable performance. The 1" threaded headset was hand polished and repacked with fresh grease and paired with a rare Nitto quill stem, also hand polished to a high luster and holding the beautiful Nitto B123 handlebars. The drivetrain is composed of a 170mm Shimano 600 crankset turning a 52 tooth Shimano chainring fixed with new singlespeed track bolts. A new 1/8" KMC polished silver chain connects to a 20 tooth Surly track cog and lockring on the rear wheel.

The seatpost is new and allows for a lot of height adjustment at 300mm. Brand new two sided MKS Sylvan track pedals are installed and a classic Selle saddle tagged with an salvaged "TRAVELER" badge from an older bicycle has been reupholstered in genuine brown leather to match the other brown details of this bike.

Adding to it's one-of-a-kind nature, this bike is fitted with a very special custom built wheelset. Featuring 42mm deep dish Eighth-Inch Julian rims tied to IRO track flip-flop hubs with sealed cartridge bearings laced radially with 16 spokes in the front, and a 24 spoke two-cross pattern in the rear which gives it a radial look as well, but in a triple pairing. The Julian double-wall rims have machined sidewalls to accommodate brakes (if that's what you'd like to do). These were professionally handbuilt by my my close friend, who I've commisioned to build three or four wheelsets in this very strong and very attractive pattern. The wheelset is finished off with a set of brand new, two tone, Fyxation Session 700c x28 brown tires with white sidewalls that are great for everyday commuting and allow the bicycle to maintain a cleaner look.

This bicycle has a 62cm frame with a standover height of 35." It would best fit someone in the range of 5-11" to 6'-5" tall. The frame is in excellent structural shape, essentially new with the fresh snow white coat of powder. You won't find another bike like this anywhere.

If you were to prefer riding a single speed, I can order and install one or two brakes and switch out the cog to a freewheel at cost. If you would like to take a test ride on the white knight, please be in touch. This build is 100% custom, and its components add up to very nearly my asking price. These restorations take a lot of time, detail, and the expertise of many hands, so please don't make any lowball offers.

I have it up on CL for $1100 but I'll take $1000 from a Chainlinker.

Thanks for looking.

Bikeith White-Brown 1

Bikeith White-Brown 2

Bikeith White-Brown 3

Bikeith White-Brown 6

Bikeith White-Brown 7

Bikeith White-Brown 10

Bikeith White-Brown 11

Bikeith White-Brown 14

Bikeith White-Brown 15

Bikeith White-Brown 18

Bikeith White-Brown 19

Bikeith White-Brown 21

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Gawd, i hate the fixie fad... seen too many good roadbikes hacked in the name of fashion. i used to bomb around happily on my old Mercian Path Racer... a genuine fixie that doubled as a pusuit bike for its previous owner, but i put it on the peg when the Hipster Fixie Craze hit. Maybe i'll trot it out again after the ashes of that fad cool.



Nice component selection... put it on a real track bike.


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