Looking to get rid of my rarely used Bob Trailer.  Looking for $200, but price is negotiable.

See below link for pics.


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Has it sold?

It is still available.

As of now anyway, the posting at Craigslist has expired. 

Please include all the details of a sale item when posting it here. Please don't just rely on a Craigslist posting as that posting will be gone in a week and in a year or six months from now the discussion may still have value for people who are interested in similar items. The discussion thread becomes useless if the data about the item isn't included in the discussion itself.

Posting pictures here can be difficult, but at least copy the text from your Craigslist ad. 

Another benefit of this is that after your posting expires you'll still have a viable posting here on the Chainlink.

thank you!

Thanks for the heads up.  BTW, here's the unexpired CL post.



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