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Selling an old wheelset collecting dust in my collection. Very capable and needs to be used.

Both wheels are 36h. Both wheels hand built.

Front wheel is an unnamed hub (can't remember) hand laced to a Mavic Open Pro Sport Rim. Eyeleted.

Rear wheel is a Shimano 105 hub laced to a Velo Orange RAID Rim (velo orange website):
The RAID rim is a 22mm wide 700c rim. It's a box section rim with double eyelets. Double eyelets are rarely seen these days, but they add a lot of strength to a rim. We feel that the 22mm width is the sweet spot for rando and touring rims. They are perfect for 25mm-38mm tires. The sidewalls (or brake track) are a little taller than old rims, for much easier pad setup without worry of tire interference. We paid a little more for stainless eyelets and a lot more for a high polish finish. We kept the graphics down to an absolute minimum; there is a simple VO sticker for identity.

Rear wheel has less than 3 months riding on it, if that. Both in good condition, and true.

8 speed Cassette included. 130mm

Also listed on craigslist.

Let me know if you have any questions. Want to sell as a set. Thanks.

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Couldn't tell from the pictures... I'd it a freehub or freewheel? Spacing? Number of cogs? Thx...

It is a cassette, not a freewheel. 8 Speed. I believe it's 130mm spacing. Used it on a 1984 trek 520.


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