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For sale: 56 cm Independent Fabrication Planet X British racing green cyclocross frame/fork

Hi All!

I'm selling an Indy Fab frame and fork, 56 cm. I don't want to repeat myself all that much, because I've already posted this frame and fork on craigslist, so I'll just provide the link to that ad here:

Hit me up if you're interested and let's make a deal!

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Hey Keith,

Can you give some more geo specs including ETT, ST, HT?  Max tire clearance?  130 rear?

Hi Dave,

Yeah, the ETT is 22" c-to-c, ST is 22.5" c-to-top, more like 21.5" c-to-c, and HT is 5 7/8". Rear spacing is 130mm, though max tire size I'm not sure on. I was running 700x40 Maxxis Re-Fuses and they had a decent bit of room, though those tires lack any kind of knobby tread, so it might top out at 700x42 for something knobby. Hope that clears things up a bit.

Thanks for that.  If you could add an inch to the headtube I'd be down.  Good luck with the sale, such a sweet frame at a great price.


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