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For all the hipsters! A great biking music video by MC Spandex

I am sure that most people have seen this, but if not enjoy; it's a cycling rap video:

If that link doesn't work, here is the original address:

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"God I gotta get a carbon frame..."

Friend of mine is one of the back up dancers.

h3 said:
Hey Scott, just curious, where/how did you come across this?
I've seen it on usenet, facebook, and bikejournal.
WTF is a hipster ? A little pp and a mouse on your upper lip ? I can't remember ?
It is a funny parody, had me laughing hard. Good production values too.
Good one!

h3 said:
mattbikes1 said:
Good production values too.

Totally-- almost like it was commercially produced or something.
still funny
I didn't like it at all. He didn't make a single joke about Freds, like we are non-existing or what...
I demand equal opportunity insulting

Kohaku said:
still funny



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