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Scooters deal with crazy SUV drivers, too...

And this guy looks kind of like Ewen McGregor.

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A throwaway bike!

I got my handlebars/stem and saddle/seat post stolen off of my bike Tuesday night (U-locks saved the wheels) and would like to have a cheap bike with (decent?) parts to part out when it happens again or just a cheap bike for riding around town to lock up outside and not have to worry about getting something nice stolen. (I am too lazy to haul my bike up three flights of a narrow stair well every night.)

Michelle Green said:
and i'll just post this here instead of starting another forum, but uh... walmart's selling fixed gear bikes now?

a fixed gear- no, a single speed- no, wait, what's the difference- but it's intuitive- and it's got calip..u..r brakes... wait, what? where's the kickstand?
Do you really think that is true?

Because I know that even before I rode a bike all the time I was terrified of hitting a cyclist.

You want there to be a better relationship and more respect with the operators of motor vehicles you need to stop prejudging people who drive cars.

Jennifer said:
I would say, the universe in which a driver is more scared of hitting a pothole than of hitting a cyclist.

Tank-Ridin' Ryan said:
::start sarcasm::

Oh ya, because someone with a flamethrower pointed at me instantly makes me go "I should stay away from that person", not "*)@*($)!!!!" and freak out at the fact that someone has a flamethrower pointed at me.

::end sarcasm::

And, no, your thought was not brought to you by a guy who clipped your mirror. It was brought to you by some f'ed up desire for vigilant justice which is wonderful when you're on a bicycle. 20-pound bike vs 2000-pound car - in what galaxy with screwed up physics does the bike win? And in what motorist's mind does this make cyclists deserving of respect?

Jennifer said:
Or they stay as far away as they're supposed to, and nothing happens.
This idea was brought to you by the guy who clipped my rearview mirror and then executed a full lane change to avoid a moderate-sized pothole.
Tank-Ridin' Ryan said:
Soooo...then it would just scare the crap out of the car driver, possibly melt the bumper, and possibly cause an accident when (not if) said motorists freaked out?

SOLD! Jennifer said:
What if the flame only went out 3 feet?
No one should be allowed too and just because some people in cars do it does not mean cyclists should do it in return.

Two wrongs never make a right.

T.C. O'Rourke said:
I agree... only motorists should be allowed to threaten, maim and kill people on our public right of way.

notoriousDUG said:
That is one of the most ignorant things I have ever seen.

Way to 'share the road.'

If you think this is cool stop for one second and think about how you would feel if somebody built a road weapon aimed at your particular subculture.

This guy is a tool and I rate this more as stupid and sad then I would interesting or humorous.

What sort of asshat builds something that is aggressive and dangerous to others? What sort of asshat thinks that is cool?

If he mounted a rifle on it to shoot the people behind him would you support it or find it funny? If not can you please tell me the difference between the two because both of them look like something stupid and vengeful that is aimed at hurting others and damaging property to me...

And before I am accused of hating fun I think anyone on here who knows me in person can testify that there is no bigger fan of setting things on fire, blowing shit up and smashing stuff; I just know there is a time and a place.
Yawn custom car folks have been using these flame throwers for years...


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