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I found a lot to love in this interview with our new CDOT chief, Gabe Klein. See quote below.,0,6997064.column

To help make a less car-dependent city happen, CDOT will need our support. We'll need to work with neighbors, local elected officials and other leaders to address concerns and questions about investing in alternatives to car ownership and reliance. And, of course, we can use our voices to help inform priorities. Exciting times!

"Klein said he is not anti-automobile, but he makes it clear that cars are not the solution to Chicago's transportation problems. As a former executive of the Zipcar for-profit car-sharing company and the creator of Washington's successful bicycle-sharing program, Klein, who formerly worked for a major bicycle manufacturer, is adamant there is no need for people to own their own automobiles. In fact, city life is better if they don't, he said."


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Here's a story about your meeting with the commish by some guy named John Greenberg:


Julie Hochstadter said:

I met the commissioner tonight at the Bike To Work Week closing party at ING.  He's a really nice, laid back guy with great ideas.  We got lucky Chicago. Mayor Emmanuel picked a good one.



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