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Finding folks to bike with - in general & on the west coast.


I'm about to start on a journey on the west coast from Seattle to LA and I'm wanting to bike (and also take trains).

At the beginning of the trip there are many spots that are quite close to each Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Portland. But I still have doubts about safety when it comes to being a woman and biking alone on pretty much deserted roads.

It would be fun to find people to bike with.
I know this is a Chicago specific site but I'm wondering if people have experience with this in general.

I've poked around on the internet looking for websites that are about bikers finding other bikers to do specific trips with and haven't found anything. Does this exist?
My best bet may just be to try and meet other bikers, go to local shops etc. But if anyone has any other advice it would be much appreciated!!


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you should check out

There are all sorts of diaries and companion requests on there. I love to read that site and fantasize about trips.
a friend of a friend did this a few years ago. ill send you a message with contact information.


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